One more comment on “fiddling while Rome burns”

Although I find annoying Daily Hampshire Gazette letter-writer Stephen Hartwell’s characterization of lesbian motherhood as a “lifestyle,” I do agree with him that Rome is burning and those of us in the U.S. are fiddling.  I agree that the federal government’s approving more than $50 billion for an unwinnable (and morally reprehensible) war in Afghanistan is a horrible decision and that “the lords of business” should share their profits and hire more workers.  This country is in an economic depression, multinational corporations continue to flout environmental laws, and human beings – especially those of us in industrialized countries – are melting the planet and causing incredible misery for those in poorer nations.  I could go on at length, beginning with 4 to 5 million gallons of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico for four months, and stopping off in Ecuador and Nigeria, where indigenous people’s ancestral lands have been destroyed by oil corporations.  Not to mention flooding in Pakistan, wildfires in Russia, and on, ad nauseam.

However, I do not agree that lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gay, and queer people’s lives are unimportant and undeserving of media coverage.  Heck, these days, a movie about the teenagers of lesbian mothers searching for their sperm donor is a great diversion – or would be, if the film were better made.|CSGroupId%3Asuccess%3AVPlbGdTr7dn2Gorbd0k6jQ%3D%3D&CSUserId=38792&CSGroupId=5


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