The latest in fake food

One of the Saturday newspaper sections I recycle without reading nearly every week is “USA Weekend,” the full-color, useless USA Today rag, the closest thing to People magazine I ever go near.  But every few months I’m enticed by a recipe headline to open “USA Weekend” and look within.  Nine times out of 10, the recipe is disgusting and I toss the section.

This is the case this week, too, but I’m fascinated by an ingredient in “Black Forest Oatmeal with Toasted Almonds”:  cherry-flavored dried cranberries.  Why oh why in the world did someone invent cherry-flavored cranberries?  Both fruits are so expensive, especially the organic ones, that I can’t imagine it would make a bit of difference in the wallet whether you bought dried cherries or dried cranberries.  Is this product answering a texture need – it’s easier to chop dried cranberries than dried cherries?  Having eaten and baked with both dried fruits, I don’t think so.  Is it simply that manufacturers – an odd word to use in connection with food, but unfortunately appropriate these days – are able to add any disgusting artificial flavor, odor, or color to any food they want, so they do?  I’m afraid so.  The mere thought of cherry-flavored cranberries is bizarre and vaguely unsettling.  Why put time and money into inventing and manufacturing things that are not needed?

Oh, I forgot.  That’s what capitalism does.  Silly me.


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One Response to The latest in fake food

  1. Stefan says:

    Cranberries and cherries are both awesome fruits. So why not combine them and get the best of both worlds?

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