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On the yard sale trail: a vulture, a penguin

Many garage sales are the result of happy, or at least energetic, changes:  someone in the household got a wonderful new job in another town or state; someone’s retiring and selling old things they don’t use any more; a couple’s … Continue reading

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A happy May Day/U.S. Labor Day anecdote

Something that still amazes me after decades of observation is how well the ruling classes use their corporate-owned media to bamboozle workers into believing that they deserve a pittance for their labor while the wealthy who run the corporations honestly … Continue reading

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Manning up: Some suggestions from a genderqueer person to my leftist friends after Chelsea Manning’s coming out

As a white, leftist genderqueer, I’ve found that the response from some of my non-transgender pals to Chelsea Manning’s coming out has been painful.  Some of the very people I expected to be supportive of Manning lack a basic education … Continue reading

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