Why I’ve wished for decades for more vegetarian restaurant reviews/critics

During a conversation today with a good friend who’s an omnivore, I mentioned that I’d found the options paltry at the Greek café that had just opened in my college town.  She replied that a mutual meat-eating friend had found the food tasty and reported that the place had “a lot” of veg options.

Not to be contrarian, but as a 29-year vegetarian, I have a great deal of experience dining in eateries reputed to have plenty of veg selections.  When I arrive and peruse the menu, I often discover nothing I can eat but an appetizer or two and a plate of pasta; sometimes even the vegetable soups are made with meat stock.  Although it’s 2014, many white folks who grew up on the Wonder Bread, meat-and-potatoes cuisine I did still don’t even know what vegetarians eat.  Granted, there’s a heck of a lot more awareness now about what constitutes a good diet than when I grew up – if that weren’t the case, Whole Foods wouldn’t be a giant corporation.  But a lot of omnivores still don’t know tahini from tabouli from tamari, and they think we can just sit, devour a plate of vegetables, and be good to go for the rest of the day.

This is one reason I spend an insane amount of time in our local vegetarian café:  the cook knows how to create meals for vegetarians and folks with food allergies, and I know that I can get a lunch or dinner that will be healthy, taste delicious, and fill me up for the rest of the afternoon or night.  She has a magic way with a sauce, too.  I’m sorry, but French fries do not constitute a meal, no matter how much I might wish it in the Montevideo airport.

Websites like Happy Cow were created by and for folks like me, and it’s been a great resource in my travels:



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