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Assorted thoughts from a middle-aged patient/ client/ human subject to the U.S. health care scam, uh, system

A danger in tree hugging

Yesterday I hugged a tree and it bit back. It was one of the tens of thousands of dead and dying hemlocks in our region, but I didn’t look up to see what species it was before I flung my … Continue reading

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Early puberty is frightening, not amusing

The Oct. 20-21 edition of our local paper included an Associated Press story with the headline, “Earlier puberty seen in boys; chemicals, obesity eyed.”  I find these news reports alarming, whether the problem is with girls, boys, transgender, or intersex … Continue reading

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Bullying and teen suicide: Sometimes it gets better

I, like any feeling human being, have been extremely disturbed by the recent rash of U.S. teenage suicides caused by bullying, and by homophobic responses to those suicides.  The media have reported four suicides in September alone; all of these … Continue reading

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Six pointers for health-care professionals

Dear Colleagues in Health, Perhaps that form of address sounds hokey, but if I’m going to take responsibility as the owner of this body, I have to consider you colleagues who have much more training in the field than I … Continue reading

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